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                            WHAT IF I'M STOPPED AFTER DRINKING?

     If you are stopped after having a couple of drinks and the officer asks if you've been drinking, don't answer the question.  Tell him or her:  "I WANT MY ATTORNEY"
     If the officer asks you to perform roadside tests, do not do the tests. Nobody passes them.  Stand with your feet slightly apart and politely tell him or her: "I want my attorney"  If they ask if you’re refusing to do the tests, tell the officer you are not refusing, that you just want to "talk to my attorney first."
    When asked to take the blood, breath or urine test do not take it. Just say:  "I WANT MY ATTORNEY before I take the test."  They will ask if you are refusing to take the test.  You are not refusing; "I just want to ask my attorney."  When they say you have no right to an attorney, be polite and tell them,  "I'd like to ASK MY ATTORNEY if that is true and what to do." 
      And when they finally read to you that you have a right to remain silent.  What should you say:
            Do not answer any questions, just tell them: "I WANT MY ATTORNEY"


If you refused to take a breath, blood or urine test after being arrested for DUI in Florida, or if the results of your breath test were .08% blood-alcohol or above, your license ordinarily will be suspended 10 days after the arrest unless you or your attorney file a written demand for an administrative hearing or waive the hearing within that 10 days.   You should contact an attorney immediately to discuss your options since you have only TEN (10) days to either waive such a hearing and obtain a permit or to demand a formal review.  We are available for a free consultation and case evaluation.

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